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Therma is located on the eastern part of Agios Kirikos on the south coast. Thermes, as called in the past, owes its name to the hot springs of mild radioactive water, used since antiquity to treat many diseases. The thermal sea baths and spas whose healing properties have been attracting many visitors from the whole world throughout the year, have made Therma a well known destination in the recent years.

At the western end of the village, there is a natural cave containing a serviced spa, modern pools and a hammam where the steam of the hot spring sweats out of the rock’s walls. There are also three modern thermal spas in the village, contributing to the healing needs of the users.

The village has a small pier and a beautiful little beach of fine gray and golden sand. On the coastline, right before the beach, there are multiple taverns, restaurants and cafe-bars able to accommodate large number of guests.

The guests can arrive to the village by boat or by the public bus. Both lines run every 30-60 minutes to and from Agios Kirikos during the summer.

Therma is definitely a place you should not miss during your stay in Ikaria!